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  1. 1.Which design concept limits access to systems from outside users while protecting
    users and systems inside the LAN?
    A. DMZ
    B. VLAN
    C. I&A
    D. Router

    2.In the key recovery process, which key must be recoverable?
    A. Rollover key
    B. Secret key
    C. Previous key
    D. Escrow key

    3.Which kind of attack is designed to overload a system or resource, taking it
    temporarily or permanently offline?
    A. Spoofing
    B. Trojan
    C. Man in the middle
    D. SYN flood

    4.Which component of an NIDS collects data?
    A. Data source
    B. Sensor
    C. Event
    D. Analyzer

    5.What is the process of making an operating system secure from attack called?
    A. Hardening
    B. Tuning
    C. Sealing
    D. Locking down

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