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  1. The invention of computer has made many dreams come true even we cannot imagine our life without computer.  Generally it is a device that is used for many purposes such as keeping information secure, e-mail, messaging, software programming, computation, data processing etc.  Desktop computers require CPU, UPS, keyboard, and mouse to function, whereas laptops have all these already present.  It is an electronic device with large memory which can keep any data safe.  We are going into the modern world of computers in the 21st century.

                       Earlier generations of computers used to perform very limited tasks whereas modern day computers can perform a lot of tasks.  Charles Babbage made the first mechanical computer which was very different from today's computers.  The goal of the invention of the computer was to produce a machine that could perform mathematical calculations very rapidly.  During the Second World War, the speed and direction of enemy weapons were to be estimated and their exact position was to be ascertained.  Today's computers are equipped with artificial intelligence technology which helps in every walk of life.

                       New generation computers are highly advanced i.e. small, light, fast, and very powerful.  In today's days it is being used in every business like- examination, weather forecasting, education, shopping, traffic control, high level programming, railway ticket booking, medical field, business etc.  With the Internet this is the mainstay of information technology and it has proved that nothing is impossible in today's time.

                     There are hundreds of advantages of computers for human beings, then there are also disadvantages like cyber crime, pornographic websites, which are easily accessible to our children and students.  By some measures we can avoid its negative effects.

                      Today the human fraternity is increasingly dependent on computer technology.  One cannot imagine his life without a computer, because it has spread its feet everywhere and people have become accustomed to it.  It is beneficial for any class of student.  They can use it for making projects, for learning poetry, for stories, for downloading exam notes, for gathering information, etc. in a very short time.  Along with increasing the skill development of the students, it also helps in getting jobs.

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