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Science and technology mcq


1) Who developed Yahoo?

A. Dennis Ritchie & Ken Thompson

B. David Filo & Jerry Yang

C. Vint Cerf & Robert Kahn

D. Steve Case & Jeff Bezos

2) Made from a variety of materials, such as carbon, which inhibits the flow of current...?

A. Choke

B. Inductor

C. Resistor

D. Conductor

3) The most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. VHS stands for...?

A. Video Home System

B. Very High Speed

C. Video Horizontal Standard

D. Voltage House Standard

4) What does VVVF stand for?

A. Variant Voltage Vile Frequency

B. Variable Velocity Variable Fun

C. Very Very Vicious Frequency

D. Variable Voltage Variable Frequency

5) What frequency range is the High Frequency band?

A. 500 KHz

B. 10 GHz

C. 50 To 300 MHz

D. 3 To 30 MHz

6) The first step to getting output from a laser is to excite an active medium. What is this process called?

A. Pumping

B. Dumping

C. Drilling

D. Exciting

7) What is the relationship between resistivity r and conductivity s?

A. R=s

B. R>s

C. R=1/s

D. R=2s

8) Which motor is NOT suitable for use as a DC machine?

A. Permanent Magnet Motor

B. Series Motor

C. Synchronous Motor

D. Squirrel Cage Motor

9) A given signal's second harmonic is twice the given signal's __________ frequency...?

A. Fourier

B. Fundamental

C. Foundation

D. Field

10) In which year was MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) introduced?

A. 1983

B. 1934

C. 1950

D. 1971